Sheila Caldwell - Pittenweem, Fife - SourceSTAR Master Teacher, books and artworks


SourceSTAR Master Teacher
Sheila Caldwell BA (Hons)
"Abbotsford", 30 James Street, Pittenweem, Fife, KY10 2QN
Tel: 01333 311468


What is it?

SourceSTAR has evolved from Sekhem which is the high vibrational healing energy of Living Light. It is a channelled energy which was known in the temples of Egypt, and is associated with the Goddess Sekhmet. Helen Belot developed and reintroduced Sekhem in Australia in 1992.

Its gentle, compassionate, angelic quality will quickly bring about balance and healing, working at the soul level and will always go to any deep underlying cause that needs to be resolved rather than just addressing the symptoms.

Deeply relaxing - consistent use of SourceSTAR will bring about the changes you wish for in your life, accelerating personal development and elevating your vibrational frequency.

There is no need to undress and each session will last approximately one hour.

SourceSTAR Initiations

SourceSTAR is taught in four levels and is available for everyone.

Workshops can be arranged. Please enquire.