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Poerty Pamphlet - 20 poems
£5.99 + P&P (£2.00)

Pamplet Poetry

This is a delightful collection which gives us insight into the bird world but much more. It is as if a door has opened on another dimension. There are many neatly structured poems here, composed with skill and variety.

To the human perspective, this other world of nature's bounty can be seen in terms of cruelty sometimes, but this only serves to foster inspiration and determination to survive and live. In the quest for survival there is both joy and fear. There is much pleasure in the perceived life of freedom.

The poet is not only an observer but often becomes engrossed in the events as experienced by the birds themselves.

There are touches of humour throughout and a whole, a deeper and spiritual message comes through in this beautiful collection: all manner of things have underlying spirituality. There is meaning in all things. The sound of Vaughan Williams ecstatic Lark Ascending is triggered in the mind and all becomes transcendent with joy and hope.