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Chosen - Paperback by Sheila Caldwell

Sheila Caldwell
Paperback - 238 pages
£7.99 + P&P (£2.00)

It is 1349 in plague-ravaged Cologne. A young Jewish boy, Aaron Levey, overhears plans to rid the city of Jews in an attempt to halt the Black Death.

Despite escaping under cover of darkness, his family are overpowered and Aaron flees alone into the unknown countryside. There unfolds an exciting yet horrific story of religious prejudice, purging, friendship and betrayal, while Aaron travels through foreign lands with his young ward, looking for peace and a place they can call home.

He has the skills to establish a tailoring business wherever he ends up, but will he find love?

Available online from Amazon and Waterstones or signed, direct from the author by calling 01333 311468 / emailing

Melange - Poetry Pamphley by Sheila Caldwell

Sheila Caldwell
Poetry Pamphlet
£5.99 + P&P (£1.50)

This is a delightful collection whose themes and moods are easy to identify with.

The poet is found reflecting on her life and evaluating all that she hopes she has given to those around her.

Despite the mundane and worrying aspects of life she views her experiences positively and counts her blessings.

There is a neatness in the cycle of the seasons: comfort in the consumption of chocolate and so much more.

She is a profound observer of all things - we feel the motion of the sea; a connectivity with a cat; the sheer pleasure of enjoying snowfall and a deep spirituality when thinking about the moon and what it represents to her.

Available signed, direct from the author by calling 01333 311468 / emailing

Words on the Wing - Poetry Pamphley by Sheila Caldwell

Words on the Wing
Sheila Caldwell
Poetry Pamphlet - 36 pages
£5.99 + P&P (£1.50)

This is a delightful collection which gives us insight into the bird world but much more. It is as if a door has opened on another dimension. There are many neatly structured poems here, composed with skill and variety.

To the human perspective, this other world of nature's bounty can be seen in terms of cruelty sometimes, but this only serves to foster inspiration and determination to survive and live. In the quest for survival there is both joy and fear. There is much pleasure in the perceived life of freedom.

The poet is not only an observer but often becomes engrossed in the events as experienced by the birds themselves.

There are touches of humour throughout and a whole, a deeper and spiritual message comes through in this beautiful collection: all manner of things have underlying spirituality. There is meaning in all things. The sound of Vaughan Williams ecstatic Lark Ascending is triggered in the mind and all becomes transcendent with joy and hope.

Available signed, direct from the author by calling 01333 311468 / emailing

An A-Z for Lightworkers by Sheila Caldwell

An A-Z for Lightworkers
Sheila Caldwell
Paperback - 168 pages
£7.99 + P&P (£2.00)

The first book by Sheila, "An A-Z for Lightworkers" explains in simple language the meaning of some of the terminology you might come across in spiritual work.

Available online from Amazon or signed, direct from the author by calling 01333 311468 / emailing